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3500 Lacey Road
Downers Grove
(Located on lower level 2 in the Invesco buildings 
parking garage)



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VIP Member

  • Unlimited Car Washes For A Whole Year!
  • 2 Showroom Details
    Cars...$ 1000 Trucks, Vans, SUV's...$ 1200

Note: If you get your car washed once a week (52X25)=$1300

                                + 2 Shoowroom Details (2X300)=$600


            Cars Save $900!!!    Trucks, Vans, SUV's Save $1010!!!

Silver VIP Member

  • Get Your Car Washed Every Other Week!
  • 1 Showroom Detail

          Cars...$ 500   Trucks, Vans, SUV's ...$655                                                             


Note:  If you ger your car washed every other week (26X25)=$650

                                          + 1 Showroom Detail (1X300)=$300


                                                                    You Save $450!!!


First Friday of Every Month

$ 50 Off Showroom Detail
$ 25 Off Professional Detail
$ 10 Off Hand Wax Detail or Interior Detail
$ 5 Off Express Wash Interior Cleaning 

Visit our car wash in Naperville or Downers Grove, Illinois, for
superior auto detailing and waxing services.